In order to comprehensively summarize the work in 2022, deploy the work objectives and tasks in 2023, and commend exemplary individual in 2022, the company held the 2022-2023 annual work summary and commendation conference in Taihe Convention Center on the evening of January 13, 2023, and all the employees of the company attended the conference


First of all, the conference heard the annual work summary report of each department, and then the Vice president and General Manager also made the annual business summary report and the determination of work objectives in 2023


Secondly, the conference commended the outstanding individuals emerging from the work in 2022, and successively awarded three awards, The senior management team of the company issued the commendation certificate and bonus to the winners respectively to encourage them

  Finally, all the staff gathered together to carry out the dinner and raffle. At this annual meeting, the company specially prepared a variety of literary and artistic programs, including dynamic dance, Soviet-style Pingtan and interactive magic, etc. The programs were colorful, with laughter rising one after another, and the lucky draw at the banquet pushed the atmosphere of the dinner to a climax. The whole annual meeting ended in a harmonious, warm, passionate and happy atmosphere